About Pango

Simply put, Pango Rhum is an aged dark rum hand blended with natural mango, pineapple and a secret spice! The result is refreshingly smooth rum bursting with flavor.

What makes Pango Rhum so superior? Rather than using molasses, which is the common ingredient used for making most Rums, Pango Rhum is made directly from sugar cane grown locally in the high mountains of Haiti. The 100% pure sugar cane juice, pressed from hand cut cane, is distilled twice in copper pot stills. It is then barrel aged in white Limousin oak barrels imported from France. The aged dark Rum is then hand blended with natural pineapple, mango and a secret spice. This process yields distinctively unique and refreshing Rum. The unparalleled vibrancy, character and quality of Pango Rhum are truly indicative of the superior ingredients and production process. One sip and you'll understand why Pango Rhum's exceptional taste is unmatched in the world.

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