100% Pure - Cane Rum

What makes Rhum Barbancourt so special? It is our dedication to the use of pure sugar cane juice and our unique double-distillation method and exacting the standards established by Dupre Barbancourt.
La Societe du Rhum Barbancourt prides itself on producing it's rums from pure sugar cane juice, no molasses. The sugar cane is harvested from November to June and comes uniquely from la plaine du cul de sac. This region produces a unique sugar cane variety that gives the distinctive bouquet and aromas so particular to Rhum Barbancourt.


The sugar cane juice is mixed with a special yeast formula prepared by Rhum Barbancourt's laboratory and then placed into special vats for the fermentation stage. Maintained at the optimal temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, the yeast initiates the process of transforming the sugars into alcohol.
Approximately 72 hours are needed to obtain a cane wine with 7% of alcohol that will be sent for distillation. The fermentation process is longer than most other rums in order to have an alcohol that is richer in aroma and taste.


La Societe du Rhum Barbancourt uses a double distillation method known as the Charentaise method, from the region of France where Dupre Barbancourt finds his origins.
The first stage consists of separating the cane wine from the water through heating and evaporation in the distillery columns.
The second distillation allows to retain only the finest spirits, following Dupre Barbancourt's rigorous guidelines of selecting only alcohols that test at 90% and above by volume, in order to ensure the tradition of producing a premium quality rum.


After distilling, the rum is stocked in luxurious Limousin oak barrels, as are some of the very finest cognacs. The larger pores of Limousin Oak facilitate the exchange between the rum oxygen in the surrounding air. It is in these oak barrels that Rhum Barbancourt expresses its unique flavor and bouquet, a subtle blending of Haiti's sun and soil.
During the long aging process the rum is regularly blended and tested in order to ensure the quality of our traditional processes.


La Societe du Rhum Barbancourt's laboratories use leading-edge technology in order to ensure the quality of the rum during the production process. Whether controlling the quality of the sugar cane, the level of alcohol, sugar, color and taste, nothing is left to chance in maintaining the Barbancourt tradition.
Whether white or dark, our rum is filtered prior to bottling, removing the small amount of sediment that results from the aging process, as well as improving the purity and color. Barbancourt then goes one step further by finishing with a cold filtration technique. This last technique is used for rum exported to non-tropical countries to avoid deposits that can be caused by sudden climate change.

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